Marquee Hire for Weddings, Parties and Other Events

Here’s how we create your perfect event, in simple terms. We listen to you. Very carefully. We know the right questions to ask to find exactly the right look, feel and atmosphere. Then we aim to have you sit back, confident that every detail will have been thought of and taken care of. Every time.

What type of marquees do you want?

Our marquees are aluminium framed and made in our factory to ensure you get the highest quality and the right shape and space for your event.

You can choose from a wide range of floors, doors, windows, linings, colours and special effects. If there’s something you’ve seen before that you like, just ask. Take a look at our gallery and you’ll get lots of ideas.

If you’ve seen it on a marquee before, the chances are we can provide it, or we’ll give you a better alternative.

Quality wedding marquee

Our marquees are the highest quality

“If you are looking to hire a marquee for your special occasion you will not find a better option than Mark and Covertec.”

Stephen and Linda Hulme, Stapleton

Getting the right marquee for you – what are the big choices?

Seating arrangements and numbers are normally the place to start your marquee planning as you get the right size to keep everyone happy.

the right marquee

We will help you find the right marquee for your event

Layout depends on what you’ve got planned, how you want the party or wedding to unfold and what your ground/site is like. You decide whether you want more room at the bar or whether you want to get more people onto the dance floor. You might want areas for guests to stand or sit and chat away from the music. You tell us what you want and we’ll give you the layout to make it happen.

Colour obviously sets the scene for the look, feel and mood of the whole event. It’s very often down to your personal choice and you’ll find we can supply whatever you’re looking for.

Style, feel, atmosphere and mood can vary between classic and modern, from any special theme you can imagine or just a traditional, clean look. Soft or stark, bright or warm. The choice is yours.

Marquee lighting

Marquee lighting can have subtle or dramatic impact. Ask our experts for advice.

Lighting has a huge impact on the feel and mood in your marquee. With a lighting system in place for the evening you can also colour wash the marquee during daylight, softening or brightening the atmosphere as you prefer. You can give the marquee the appearance of almost any colour to match the rest of the room. And you can choose from a wide range of lighting, from chandeliers through to hidden LEDs.

Shape of the marquee. We can adapt this to suit your venue and your event, using features to separate areas if you want to, or make the space seem bigger. We’ve done most things in our time so just ask.

Carpet colour can be used to help the mood and to separate areas to a surprising extent. Our fresh new carpet is one of the finishing touches for your special venue.

colourful marquee

If you want bright bold colours or elegant simplicity we will help you to achieve your perfect look

Photographs and video also influence the layout. You want a great backdrop and a fairly clear field of vision.

“We were highly delighted with your detailed approach, your attention to detail and the design of the marquee was truly fantastic.”
A P Garland, Derbyshire

You don’t have to worry, we can take of almost anything

Despite the availability of wedding and party planning apps, plus help from family and friends it can still be a stressful time in the lead up to the big day. Whether it’s worrying about if the marquee will be big enough (it will be), will it be warm enough, is the ground flat enough, what happens if the weather turns bad and the loos are outside. We understand your concerns and we’ll take care of them, you don’t have to fret.

How to make the first dance at a wedding really special

At zero extra cost your marquee will have brand new carpets, the finishing touch of extravagant quality

At zero extra cost your marquee will have brand new carpets, the finishing touch of extravagant quality

You can have a roman blind to “hide” the dance floor or the evening area from the guests as they eat and listen to the speeches. Then when you’re ready the bride and groom disappear and are “revealed” as the music turns up and the first dance begins. It makes memorable magic of a special moment.

A brand new carpet for every event

You’ll find it impossible to beat the fresh smell and lavish luxury of a brand new carpet so that’s what you get – for free, there’s no extra cost. It’s never been used before so it’s spotlessly clean. Plus your carpet will be covered with cling film to protect that new look right until the last moment.

You’ll get the feel of a new room that just oozes quality. Our champagne carpets are far and away the most popular choice, people love them.

All our carpets are recycled after the event. It’s good for the planet and good for your wallet. The saving we make on recycling plus the savings on cleaning costs means new carpets don’t cost you a single penny extra.

Health and safety at your event

We’ll provide everything that’s necessary to keep you event totally safe and you’ll find our on-site health and safety procedures are first class and practical.

Want more information? – give us a call now on 01455 698 565 for a free, no obligation discussion on your requirements or quote, or just to ask questions.